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As a socially responsible company, whether employee health or environment protection, SIMO BLOWER is valued very seriously.

Our employees enjoy all the benefits and rights granted by laws. The employee’s safety and health protection seriously. The employee’s training and learning culture activities are supported positively. The employee’s political rights and women’s special privilege have been fully respected. Because SIMO BLOWER believed that the enterprise full of love and care can go further.

Although our products are almost without any harmful substance emission in the process of manufacturing, SIMO BLOWER still have to do with to protect the environment actively. We through the optimization of products design, and recommended high efficiency and energy saving motor to customers, can help users reduce the fan energy consumption to around 15%. We have also by leading technology to help customers reforming fan system many times, users in reducing energy consumption and achieve an increase of the production. These work have achieved positive effect, and get the recognition of users.

SIMO BLOWER is willing to work with all people who love life together, make efforts to create a nice living environment which is friendly, harmonious, low carbon, sustainable and continuous.