In bloomy spring, talking about special technological process at -30 ℃

In bloomy spring, talking about special technological process at -30 ℃

SIMO BLOWER has been closely contacting and cooperating with the Ukrainian customers from 2012 to 2016. And in this spring, a Ukrainian iron & steel company's business representatives and technical engineers once again came to visit SIMO BLOWER, to purchase a number of large flow fans used in dust-cleaning system.

On April 13th, technical engineers of the Ukrainian company and of SIMO BLOWER had a 3 hour-long discussion about the technical issues on the fan. In order to ensure that high power motor can running efficiency in extreme cold environment (-30℃), engineer have strict request for fan startup mode. And because the diameter of impeller has reached 3 meters, transportation is another important issue that everyone concerted in this business discussion. SIMO BLOWER used its rich experience in design and manufacturing, providing professional design and technology programs for customers, and made effective cost savings for customers.

SIMO BLOWER really appreciates customers for their trust and strong support, and we will continue to provide customers with high-quality services and advanced technology!