Army Day

Since then, August 1 is the Chinese People's Liberation Army Day. It comes from the Democratic Revolution Uprising which started by Chinese Communist Party leadership in Nanchang, China. In 1st August 1927, Nanchang Uprising began the first Chinese Communist Party armed struggle against the Kuomintang reactionaries , marking the Chinese Communist Party of China has entered a new period independent of the armed revolution and thus the Chinese New People's Army was born.
SIMO BLOWER army day1

In July 1933, the Provisional Central Government of the Chinese Soviet Republic has decided to mark 1st of August become the PLA Army Day. During the period, some activities have been carried out such as "Yongjunyoushu, Yongzhengaimin" throughout China to commemorate the birth of the people's army.
SIMO BLOWER army day

Since there, passed through ups and downs,from small to large and from weak to strong, now we have more than one combined army teams. Still being on the road with Chinese spirit to forge ahead of the elite, to make China become a peaceful land stable development.