Industrial centrifugal fan core part——bearing housing’s assembly

Industrial centrifugal fan core part——bearing housing’s assembly
As we all know the impeller is core of centrifugal fan. In fact, bearing is core part for industrial centrifugal fan. The precision of bearing’s assembly has a direct influence on bearing’s service life, and blower fan system’s performance and stability. SIMO BLOWER assembles the bearing in strict accordance with national standards JB-T 6887-2004 、JB-T 10563-2006 、JBT 6886-2010.
Before put the new bearing into the bearing housing, we will ensure the bearing and bearing housing are all absolutely clean. Heating the bearing in the 70~80℃ oil, and then mount it on the main shaft. The assembly should not be forced, in order to avoid injury of the shaft.
After complete cleaning of the bearing housing, we will go on the main shaft assembly. Firstly we must add the bearing’s retaining washer to prevent round nut’s looseness, and then put the shaft into the bearing housing. In order to ensure the best sealing effect, before closing the bearing housing, we will use the sealant to ensure the sealing. And then close the bearing housing, and knock
tightly on the location pins. To prevent the bearing housing’s oil leakage, we will install the oil retainer on the side cover of the bearing housing. Filled the bearing housing with wool felt to stop the dust from entering, and add lubricant then operate the running test. Each bearing housing of SIMO BLOWER must pass strict tests, to ensure that the service life and performance of the bearing housing in the normal running.

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