How to choose the Boiler fan in power generation?

The production of Malaysia’s boiler induced-draft fan power project has been completed last week and now is ready for shipping.

SIMO Blower’s boiler centrifugal fan has been used throughout all over the world which more than 60 regions and 100 power plant projects. As a long-term centrifugal fans supporting suppliers, SIMO Blower is full of experienced in the design and production skills.

The power plant project in Malaysia, 40 t boiler system, there are mainly high air flow boiler fan and high pressure boiler fan. According to customer feedback, SIMO Blower’s products have stable running performance, greatly improve the production efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Our customers are very satisfied with the blower fan.

Thanks for the customer support, SIMO Blower is willing to provide more efficient fan products for boiler system.