Singapore & Indonesia Customers Visit SIMO Blower

Singapore & Indonesia Customers Visit SIMO Blower

At the end of August, two customers from Singapore and Indonesia visited  SIMO Blower and discussed future cooperation plans.
After knowing that the centrifugal fan selected by the customer will be used in the industrial boiler system, in order to meet the requirements of the user, our company provides the technical solution of the belt driving centrifugal fan.


Belt driving fans have the following advantages:first, in the case of limited installation space on site, you can save space. second, the fan speed can be adjusted by adjusting the belt. third, the motor installation position is more flexible.
Then they visited the production workshop, and also gave a detailed understanding of the details and production process of the centrifugal fan at the same time.


Before, the two customers had a general understanding of the SIMO. After the on-site visit, the customer had a deeper understanding of the centrifugal fan of SIMO and prepared to sign the contract after return.
Choosing SIMO is the choice of professional, SIMO Blower will provide you with quality services and products.