Amazing! The Korean dance from SIMO BLOWER was highlight?

  It originated from beginning of 2017. Each company was busy on holding different party. Of course, Xinxiang cross-border E-Commerce Association as e-commerce and the main force of cross-border trade held a special Spring Festival Gala. Every enterprice’s program was prepared painstakingly in order that they manifested their power. At almost 2:00, the Gala began, the performer was ebullient and energetic. There were songs, plays, sketch and dance on the stage. It’s so wonderful that audience couldn’t help applausing continuously.
special Spring Festival Gala
What SIMO BLOWER showed to audience was a Korean dance of youth. The performer was in high spirit, and they showed the best side to audience. The audience were impacted themselves vision by the skilled dance steps, the dynamic music, the gorgeous light. After all the shows were finished, audience were talking about that the dance was a focus.

SIMO dance
Not only did this annual meeting strengthen unity and cooperation ability of SIMO BLOWER foreign trade department family, but also it promoted communication in each company. Be together, go farther. May SIMO BLOWER glory in 2017!