In 2018, SIMO set sail newly!

In 2018, SIMO set sail newly!

Bright red firecrackers, crackling sound of firecrackers, which means SIMO’s business booming in 2018. SIMO’s employees are in exciting mood, welcome first work day in the new year!
In 2017, SIMO made technical breakthrough in the industrial centrifugal fan field. What’s more, SIMO also actively introduced mine fan technology, constantly forging ahead. Sincerely thanks for customer trust and support. SIMO BLOWER is willing to work with you to complete the renovation and design of industrial blower fan project, and produce high quality blower fan for you!
industrial centrifugal fan
Choose SIMO BLOWER, choose professional blower fan manufacturer. We welcome your inquiry, SIMO will provide unique products and high quality service to return your trust and support.