Laba Festival

As saying goes, Laqi Laba, freezing off chin. Laba festivial is the most important festival in the twelfth lunar month, which is called “Laba Day”  in ancient times, also commonly known as “Laba Festival”. On this day, Laba porridge be exchanged among people, praying for a corning family,  good weather for the crops and a bumper grain harvest in next year.
Laba porridge, also called “dinner from everyone”. A few days before Laba Festival, people break the red dates into boiling water. In the morning of Laba Festival, adding rice, gingko nuts, walnuts, chestnuts, water caltrops and other food material, cooking the Laba porridge.
laba porridge
On the Laba Festival, In the canteen of SIMO BLOWER, the savoury Laba porridge be prepared for SIMO’s employees. Every employee has a big harvest smile on their faces.