Mountain Yuntai Group Tour of SIMO Blower

 Mountain Yuntai Group Tour of SIMO Blower

This year, we celebrated the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival on the same day. At this time of the nationwide celebration, Director Wang of the marketing company led SIMO's sales elites to Yuntai Mountain, a national 5A-level scenic spot, and launched a two-day tourism.

With the coolness of autumn, the weather is neither hot nor cold, it is indeed the best season for tourism.The two-day itinerary was mixed with all kinds of joy and exhaustion, but all of these are worthy of our recollection.
On the first day, the friends packed their bags and came to the company to gather early. They prepared a variety of fruit and melon snacks so that colleagues could replenish their energy in time after climbing.
On the bus to Yuntai, under the organization of the project team leader Leng Ying and the sales champion Dai Yang, we had a singing contest between men and women, singing and laughing all the way with enthusiasm.
At the end of the nearly two-hour drive, arriving at the residence in the scenic area, after putting down the bag for a simple rest, the team came to a valley where the scenery of springs, waterfalls, streams, pools and streams were gathered, and was praised by landscape architects as the "Nature Landscape Gallery" ——A must-visit place in Yuntai Mountain——Hongshixia. Here, colleagues visited the scenic spots such as Yixiantian, Tianmen Waterfall, Huanglong Waterfall and Xiaoyao Stone.
After lunch, the team came to the Macaque Valley and watched an interesting macaque performance. Along the winding mountain road, everyone came to Quanpu Gorge to watch the beauty of Changsheng Waterfall.
At the end of the day's tour, the colleagues went down to the service area to have a dinner and karaoke, chatting and having fun.
After a night of rest, the team came to Zhuyu Peak Scenic Spot the next day. Stepping on the trestle path of a thousand steps, everyone climbed to the top of Zhuyu Peak at an altitude of 1297.6 meters. The mountains were continuous and the peaks were surging, which made people suddenly breathe in the heroic spirit of "reach the top and hold all mountains in a single glance". And then, everyone boarded the Fenghuangling glass plank road and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Yuntai Mountain.
The two-day Yuntai Mountain team building trip was full of exhaustion, but we learned a lot. We deeply experienced the fun and made us feel the strength of the team. This team building activity helped to enhance mutual understanding among employees, and allowed us to tolerate and trust each other, thus bringing closer the relationship between employees. The team spirit of employees is the invaluable treasure of the company.

There is a dream in the heart and a path under the feet. In the future work, the employees will definitely do better, the SIMO team will be more vibrant, and the corporate cohesion will be more stronger.