SIMO Blower completes the on-site independent installation of large centrifugal fan

SIMO Blower completes the on-site independent installation of large centrifugal fan
November 14, a large double-suction double-support vertical mill fan arrived at Fengqiu, followed by three installation after-sales workers of SIMO Blower, who will complete the installation work of this large induced draft fan here. The installation work is an independent engineering work that was perfectly completed by the construction team in response to the user's request and based on the user's absolute trust in the professional capabilities of SIMO Blower.

Quality control is the key to the on-site installation of centrifugal fans. The installation team brought together two "Hao" masters with decades of work experience and a professional after-sales technician.They conducted an accurate survey of the site conditions and determined the installation plan and specific measures. Working hard under the conditions of "high, slippery and steep", the team members communicated in time and worked safely to ensure the installation quality of the centrifugal fan.

SIMO Blower has a professional sales and operation team and a complete after-sales service system, and is committed to providing users with superb technology and excellent quality centrifugal fan products.
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