Shipment of centrifugal fans to Pakistan

Shipment of centrifugal fans to Pakistan
On Sep18th, the centrifugal fans sent to Pakistan began to be shipped. There are 5 centrifugal fans, including 1 primary air fan, 1 overfiring air fan,2 spreader air fans and 1 ID fan, which are coupling driven.

The project was ordered in July for the bagasse boiler system of a 60-ton sugar factory. The customer contacted us under the recommendation of a sugar factory design engineer, and at first they had an understanding and recognition of SIMO Blower. After many technical communication and business negotiations, an agreement was finally reached. It can be seen that our previous sugar factory project won the trust of customers, and we had this cooperation. Now all centrifugal fans have been packed and will be shipped to Pakistan. It is expected to reach the destination in mid-October. We hope that SIMO Blower’s products can bring customers higher efficiency, better experience, and win praise in the end

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