Signed sugar plant boiler centrifugal fan contract again

Signed sugar plant boiler centrifugal fan contract again

After signing previous Pakistan sugar factory boiler fan project, SIMO Blower signed other Pakistan customer for the sugar plant boiler centrifugal fan again, which includes two sets boiler primary centrifugal blower fan, two sets boiler secondary blower fan, two sets boiler induced draft fan and two sets industrial boiler forced draft centrifugal fan.

sugar plant industrial boiler blower fan project

Thanks for the well-known engineering company’s introduction, SIMO Blower has chance to be one of sugar plant boiler centrifugal fan suppliers. After meeting with other centrifugal fan suppliers, at the last stop, the customer arrived at SIMO BLOWER and decided to cooperate with SIMO.
industrial boiler induced draft fan project
After meeting all centrifugal fan suppliers, why did the customer choose SIMO finally?

Firstly, SIMO’s boiler centrifugal fan solution is based on the customer’s system parameters, after engineer’s repeated research, finally finalize best suitable sugar plant boiler fan solution.

Secondly, the customer visited SIMO Blower’s factory and technical strength. SIMO’s production capacity, quality control, technical services and so on made customers very satisfied.
forced draft centrifugal fan for boiler system

SIMO Blower is committed to industrial boiler blower fan for more than 60 years and has successfully supplied ten thousands of centrifugal blower fan for different boiler system worldwide. If you are finding a suitable industrial boiler fan manufacturer, please don’t miss SIMO Blower.