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Ding You Year
The first day of twelfth lunar month
Twelfth lunar month, the last month of the lunar year. Once into the twelfth lunar month, "Year" to the countdown approach approaching, the Spring Festival atmosphere is easy to feel. At this point, the busy farming season in winter has been completed. People are in a cheerful and eager mood to speed up the pace of the Spring Festival. The man who are far away from home, they can't wait to go home right now.
twelfth lunar month
In the childhood, the twelfth lunar month, which means a worry-free play, the lucky money in red envelope, the strong heart of the Spring Festival atmosphere. When growing up, it means the homesickness in foreign country, the parents who are looking forward to their children. The feeling is more timid when closer to hometown, the twelfth lunar month comes, are you on the trip to home?