What is the market prospect about SIMO BLOWER's centrifugal fan in Middle East?

December 2, 2016, the customer from Middle East have visit BLOWER SIMO. It is the first contact with customer- as the local Dust removal industry leader, much carefully to choose a centrifugal fan supplier. Clients are very satisfied with the strength and product quality after visiting the workshop production process and quality control, changed the the next day schedule immediately,continue business talk with SIMO.
SIMO impeller
Customers praise us with European production strength and competitive price, more attractive than ever before he visit. More than 8 hours negotiation,we explore the development potential and prospects of the Middle East, and Put forward a long-term cooperation plan.
Iran friend
For all questions raised by our customers, our senior engineer and sales director personally accompanied and conducted business and technical questions and answers. Customers rigorous attitude and professional products knowledge let us sit up and take notice, SIMO is honored to be the preferred fan supplier for our customers.
SIMO BLOWER, would like to provide the better products and service.