What oil is added to the bearing housing of the boiler centrifugal fan?

What oil is added to the bearing housing of the boiler centrifugal fan?
bearing housing:Also known as bridge, it is mainly used for transmission between the motor and the fan. It is a box component that converts mechanical energy (electrical energy) into wind energy. In equipment with a rotating shaft, the shaft is generally supported by a bearing to rotate, and the bearing is installed in a bearing housing. The bearing housing is filled with lubricating oil. During the working process, the bearings are lubricated. At the same time, the various forces experienced by the shaft during operation will also be transmitted to the bearing housing and carried by the bearing housing. The material of the bearing housing is generally cast iron. The lubricating oil mainly lubricates the bearing and the bearing housing to reduce friction and achieve the effect of cooling.


During the operation of the centrifugal fan, it is necessary to ensure that the bearing housing and all equipment requiring lubrication are filled with the lubricant or grease recommended by the manufacturer to the correct oil level. The grades of lubricating oil (grease) are in accordance with the requirements of the drawings. If the drawings are not specified, the following requirements can be referred to:
Lubricating oil is generally N32 machine oil in winter and N46 machine oil in summer (GB/T3141-1994). The amount of oil refueling is based on the upper and lower oil mark lines on the bearing housing, that is, to ensure that the oil level is at the midline oil level between the upper and lower oil mark lines (Note: There is an oil level sight glass (transparent) on the bearing housing. There are upper and lower line scales for the oil level on the mirror, and the amount of oil is generally kept between the two scale lines. Don't blindly pursue more oil, too much oil will cause oil leakage in the bearing housing).