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How to order

90% products of SIMO BLOWER are designed according to customers’ performance requirements, each customer of SIMO BLOWER will use the most suitable product .

But before purchasing, you should be attention to the following items that you must be aware.

Please try to provide us the following data, which maybe affect the design accuracy.
● Pressure: what is the required pressure?
● Air capacity: what is the required air capacity on the basis of enough pressure?
● Medium temperature: what is the temperature of the gas that passes through the blower? And what is the maximum temperature?
● If you cannot provide the accurate temperature, please tell us the range of the temperature, which will help us for designing the blower.
● Altitude: the air density and atmospheric pressure will change while the altitude changes, which will make the blower performance different. One blower will output different at low altitude and high altitude. So ,please try to provide us the altitude of site where the blowers will be used .Usually ,the technicians from the project owner and the design company can provide this data .If not ,please give us a approximate altitude, which will help us for designing the blower.
● Voltage & frequency: what is the voltage and frequency of the site where the blowers will be used?
● If the blower is an ordinary one, please provide the rotation direction and outlet angle.
● The following information will help us to learn more about the fan operation conditions, which maybe affect the fan’s reliability, lifetime and safety.
● What is the maximum and minimum temperature of the environment where the fan locates? 
● Is there dust in the fan transported gas? what is the dust loading?
● Is there corrosive gas in the fan transported gas? If possible, please provide gas composition.
● Is there inflammable and explosive gas or dust in the conveyed gas of the fan or the environment where the fans locates?