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Analysis the classification of the centrifugal fan

The centrifugal fan is to rely on mechanical energy input to improve the gas pressure and is a gas delivery machinery. It is a driven fluid machine. In this part, simple introduction about Fan Classification and Fan Performance Parameters
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Classification of fan
1.According materials on fans, centrifugal fan can be divided into several categories, such as iron Fan (normal fan), glass steel, plastic fan, stainless steel fan,aluminum fan and others.
2.Due to air inlet direction, fan can divide into centrifugal fan, axial flow, oblique flow type (mixed flow type) and cross flow type.
 a). Centrifugal Fan
Air flow into the impeller of the wind turbine with radial flow. This kind of fan is made according to the principle of centrifugal action. Products include centrifugal fan, centrifugal blower and centrifugal compressor.
 b). Axial flow fan
Air flow into the impeller of the wind turbine with an axial direction approximately on a cylindrical surface. Products include axial flow fan, axial flow blower and axial flow compressor.
 c). Rotary fan
Using the rotor rotation to change the volume of the air chamber. Rotary compressor and rotary blower are the common products. 
centrifugal fan

3. According to the use of wind turbines are divided into pressed fan and the explosion proof electric motor is arranged outside the channel or in the runner. Explosion-proof electric motor placed in the sealed chamber withdrawable local fans (referred as extraction fan).
4. Fans can be divided according pressure into single-stage, two-stage or multi-stage pressure fan. For example 4-09 is a single stage pressure, high-pressure turbine is a multi-stage fan.
5. Fans can be divided according into axial fan, Francis fan, roof fans, air-conditioning fan and others, According to useful.
6. Fan can be divided according pressure into suction fan, low fan pressure fan, high pressure air.
7.The outlet pressure is divided into fan (≤15000 Pa), the blower (15000 to 35000 Pa), compressor (≥35000 Pa).