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Application of industrial Centrifugal air blower fan in cement production line

Industrial centrifugal fan plays an important part in cement production line, especially with the development of preheater pre-decomposition kiln, centrifugal air blower fan becomes more important. At the same time, electirc power consumption of centrifugal air blower fan is larger than other equipment in cement process. According to statistics, centrifugal fan's power consumption occupy 15%  in the total installed capacity of cement plant.
industrial centrifugal fan

What is the role of industrial centrifugal fan in the cement production line? 

High temperature blower fan: the equipment through the raw material and clinker, Inlet temperature can reach 320℃, is to pre-heater vacuum pumping, the raw material in the preheater down the process of full preheating (material to go down, hot air to go up), while the tower pull over the wind to the raw material mill for Heat, so its shutdown will directly lead to raw material grinding system and firing system shutdown.
air blower fan

Cement plant kiln exhaust fan: to make high-temperature fan and vertical mill system exhaust out of the dust after the row to the atmosphere.
Kiln blower: it is similar to cement plant kiln exhaust fan, high energy saving,less power.
Dust collector fan: fan is the main equipment in dust removal systems, offer the power source of the whole systems, and overcome the resistance loss caused by the air flow in the system.
dust collect

Grate cooler fan: Cooling, conveying clinker and recycling waste heat
Jet fan: Cooling rotary kiln
Jet fan

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