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Installation Precautions of High Pressure centrifugal Fan

Installation Precautions of High Pressure centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal fan industry have great potential development. The manufacture of centrifugal fan continuous to improve and innovate in the production technical aspect. In recently years, a big step forward in automation to increase efficiency and competitiveness. However it faces the opportunities but also accompanied by great challenges at the same time. Nowadays, infrastructure, factories, residential industries have higher demands or requirements on fans industry. Before high pressure centrifugal fan working, some installation questions should be paid more attention. Those questions affect the centrifugal fan work. Today, some common questions will be showed, hope to help you in installation centrifugal fan.

1. After high pressure fan is installed, slide the impeller by using hand or lever to ensure whether there are too tight or collision phenomenon; have interfere with the rotation of the materials. The commissioning only can be carried out under normal condition. The exposed parts of high pressure air actuator should be shielded. For example, when high pressure air inlet duct is not connected also need to acquire fence or other mounting device.
2. Preferably gum rubber cushion to bear the weight of high pressure air especially is essential for high-power high-pressure fan.
3. For some requirement for noise, mufflers can be installed to reduce noise. Mufflers should be installed at the inlet pipe or the end of the air duct.
4. When using silencer cotton to reduce the noise, please take note of the distance of high pressure fan and tank; high pressure air ventilation and cooling;using gum rubber cushion to bear the weight of the high-pressure turbine.
5. The high pressure air distribution control box must match the corresponding high-pressure fan.
6. High pressure air must terminal by a qualified electrician wiring.Wiring must be correct and reliable especially the numbering terminal on wiring electrical control box must correspondence with the numbering of high pressure air terminal. Grounding must be reliable and it is not a substitute for ground access to zero.

7. High pressure air inlet and outlet pipe connections, hose connections should be used to isolate vibration.