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Noise Countermeasures for Boiler Fan

Noise Countermeasures for Boiler Fan

Currently in many enterprises, industrial production and heating are required, the boiler centrifugal fan is very popular. However, due to many factors, draft fan noise affect residents work, life, damage people's health. Thus industrial boiler fan noise control should not be delayed.
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Noise Countermeasures: Combined of Fan Noise Reduction and Energy Efficiency 
 Generally, boiler room blower and induced draft fan noise is 90 decibels.Transported boiler flue gas temperature can up to 180 ℃.Applying of closed insulation leads to poor heat dissipation, motor temperature is too high, even burning motor.Thus, the process will be combined the fan noise reduction and energy efficiency.
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After practiced, energy-saving boiler fan noise comprehensive management plan can be: boiler room process layout remains unchanged. The blower and fan disposed in the interior noise respectively, ventilation pipe is used to connect to the host computer. In the acoustic room or on the top of the wall to open the intake port and install the engine room air intake silencer for use. The blower is close to one side of the boiler room layout, the air inlet on the windward side of the motor in the center of the air flow passage. During boiler operation, the indoor blower noise generated negative pressure then a large amount of fresh outdoor air will automatically enter the soundproof chamber. Firstly, induced draft fan motor heat exchange must be carried out and to make it cool-down and the indoor temperature is around 50 ℃.
The program due to acoustic chamber and the inlet muffler noise reduction capabilities than the larger, noise reduction effect is easy to implement. Blower preheated combustion air into the boiler at the same time achieve energy recycling and gain certain economic benefits.