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Will the size of the centrifugal fan affect the work efficiency of the machine?

[SIMO Blower:Industry knowledge] Will the size of the centrifugal fan affect the work efficiency of the machine?

Centrifugal fans can be widely used, especially in daily life or industry. Besides, centrifugal fans have some advantages such as  easy installation, simple operation and easy maintenance. Thus it can  be applied in many fields. There are various types of centrifugal fans, for examples low pressure centrifugal fans, carbon steel, stainless steel centrifugal fan, blower and induced draft fan boiler centrifugal fan.  How to improve work efficiency by using centrifugal fans is always concerned by everyone. Now, SIMO Blower is going to explain in detail how to improve efficiency of centrifugal fan elements.
SIMO blower centrifugal fan impeller 
Centrifugal fans is one of the types of fans, but its power is higher. This is most probably due to the centrifugal impeller fan. Fan impeller is the core component for centrifugal fans function. Many people believe that fan efficiency depends on the impeller high speed. Yes, there is a direct relationship between the efficiency of the fan and its speed.
 Impeller can be adjusted itself in order to achieve energy-saving by using same energy supplied at the same time. There are two ways for centrifugal fan impeller to improve work efficiency which are from diameter of impeller and inclination of the impeller.
SIMO blower fan efficency
If the diameter of the impeller is relatively large, and of course  this centrifugal fan models is large . Then the power efficiency will enhanced. This proved that the main reason for the high efficiency blowers are larger in size.
Next is the inclination of the impeller. If the degree of inclination is relatively small, then the power will be relatively small. Conversely, if degree of inclination is large, the centrifugal fan power becomes large. However, the inclination angle is within a certain range as the inclination of the impeller could not reach 90º. The maximum only can up to an inner acute angle. Otherwise, this centrifugal fan life will be deducted.
So, if want to increase the efficiency of centrifugal fan by using the same electric current , the only aspect is to improve the fan’s impeller.